Picture of Health & Thermography, LLC

Owner Wanda Chavis

Wanda Chavis, BS ALTMED, MPH, CCT

Committed to helping women find the courage

to be the boss of their health, happy, and hope!

Wanda's wealth of knowledge in alternative medicine has been shaped by her personal journey. In 2008, following a breast cancer diagnosis, Wanda embarked on a path of healing and discovery that led her to become a Certified Clinical Thermographer.

With a B.S. in Alternative Medicine and an M.P.H.A. with a Concentration in Complementary Medicine, Wanda's educational foundation is strong. Her dedication to continuous learning ensures that she stays at the forefront of advancements in the field.

A Life of Service and Leadership

Wanda Chavis is not only a passionate advocate for health and wellness but also a pillar of her community. For over 40 years, she has served alongside her husband, Pastor Jeff L. Chavis, in their shared mission to make a positive impact.

As a published author and sought-after conference speaker, Wanda has inspired countless individuals with her knowledge and insights. Additionally, she has served as the Ladies Ministry President with the NC District United Pentecostal Church, Int'l, for over 20 years, empowering women to embrace their well-being and live their best lives.

Your Partner in Health

At Picture of Health & Thermography, LLC, we are committed to supporting you as you use your power of choice

to live your best life!

We invite you to explore our range of services and discover how thermography can help you monitor your overall well-being. Wanda will be a great guide on your journey to optimal health.

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